Family      Photography

$149 plus taxes

Family Photography sessions are for immediate family members (parents and their children). The perfect combination of siblings photos, an individual photos of each child, mom and dad together or of each child with their parents. This package is suitable for children ( 6 month + ) of age.

  • 1 hour session in my Portrait Studio in Brampton, ON.

  • 30 High Resolution Edited Images (JPEG Format) email via Dropbox.

  • No outfit changes.

  • Includes children ( 6month + ) and their parents.

  • One setup for siblings photos, an individual photos of each child and family group shots.

  • One Digital 16×20 Family Photo Collage is included. Ready for you to print.

  • The package includes digital images with the child and the child’s parents and siblings only. Any additional persons may incur extra fees of $20 per person.

What to Wear

For Family pictures: Make sure you all dress up from home only so we can start family portraits. Parents and siblings are not allowed to change their outfits during the session as this package doesn’t include outfit change option. There will only one setup for family members during the session. Family members clothing is best when it is nice and simple, and free of patterns or stripes. Light or dark colours, work equally well. To keep things simple and allow the session to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please do not bring extra people to the session unless you want them included in some of the photos. There is an extra fee of $20 per person who wants to get their pictures with baby and baby’s parents only during the session. 30 high resolution edited digital images doesn’t mean 30 different poses but best 30 number of pictures captured during the session selected by the photographer only. Any form of still or video photography is not permitted in the photo studio.